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Quikgun Stun guns

Quikgun Is to refer to the United States and Germany similar products technology, by ZhuoYuefeiyang in Taser Security H.K Co Ltd To provide core technical support, the depth of the secondary development of the product. Has a unique utility model and invention technology (Has been declared patent), is by far the most effective instantaneous fouling device. Because of the reasons for the control of Western countries, the Chinese police team applied very little, but in a variety of major sports and heavy Conference site, there are all kinds of non-lethal weapons in the Ming or dark standby, the United States TASER because of its safety and reliability much favored by the world.



The quickgun  is a programmed pulse generator, high, low, fast, alternating alternately
The emission of electrical impulses, the implementation of high frequency stimulation of the human body, perception and motor nerve stimulation by the impact of neuromuscular disability and thus can not be autonomous. It does not depend on the pain of the system, even if the hit has a higher pain tolerance, can still allow the instantaneous loss of contact, power 3 minutes after the resumption of activities, but in 10 minutes there is no resistance and strenuous exercise, In the muscle spasm after the extremely lax. Electric needle into the body and electric shock and pull out the electro-acupuncture, the body and the local pinhole will not have severe pain.
The previous generations of electric shock guns and the vast majority of the market are mainly affect the perception of nerve, resulting in great pain dislocation is subdued. If the attacker has a high level of pain tolerance, may not be affected by this pain, can resist the pain of traditional guns.
The modern medicine has proven that the human nervous system can communicate with simple electrical impulses. Command center
(The human brain and the spinal cord) to handle the information and make the decision. Is through the human peripheral nervous system including the feeling of God
And motor nerve. Sensory nerve to convey information from the body to the brain (such as temperature, touch, etc.). The motor nerve carries the instructions of the brain to control muscle movement. Give a simple example to illustrate that the brain will control the muscles, the hand from the very hot objects immediately removed.
The current can flow between the probe or the electrode along the electrical path of the minimum resistance. The wider the distribution of the probe at the target, the more obvious the effect of the subduction.
The pulsed shock current is not transmitted to other people who are in contact with the electric attack unless the contact is directed through the probe.
Electric contact and electric contact with water and contact with electric shock will not increase the attack power (the release of electricity is fixed, even if the impact of the environment will not significantly increase). Medical research has found that modern pacemakers and implantable defibrillators can withstand external power shocks, at least several orders of magnitude more than the energy generated by the fast guns. Will not affect the heart pacing equipment.

1, effectiveness: in the pre-launch test, 500 subjects were 100% loss of autonomy control, clear-headed, language skills are normal.

2, long-term effects: no (except the eyes hurt and fall caused by accidental injury).

3, conductivity range: 5-7 meters.

4, intelligent digital control of the work mode:

Single trigger trigger, resulting in 10 seconds pulse discharge, the first 5 seconds pulse frequency 19 times / second, the current peak of the highest 3.7MA, after 5 seconds pulse frequency 11 times / second, the current peak of 2.7MA continuous 3 times on the move Trigger, display 30. The first 10 seconds of the pulse discharge process with a single pull trigger, the first 5 seconds pulse frequency 19 times / sec, the current peak of the highest 3.7MA; 5 seconds after the pulse frequency 11 times / sec, the current peak is 2.7MA, countdown 21 , The peak is 2.7MA; the countdown shows 11, pause for 1 second, then continue for 10 seconds, the pulse frequency is 11 times / sec, the current peak is 2.7MA

5, if the two electrodes did not penetrate the target thicker clothes, electric needle issued by the air through the air conduction can also be subdued. There are two electrodes in front of the fast gun that can be used as a personal touch.

6, the thickness of the clothes: about 2 inches (can penetrate two layers of leather),

7, the shooting target recovery time: vary, usually for a few minutes.

8, laser red dot sight and LED lighting

9, safety: safety switch to prevent accidental launch.

10, the input voltage: 6V. Low discharge technology Panasonic CR123A, 10 years after the remaining power of about 90 percent.

11, test the peak voltage 50KV

12, optional law enforcement recorder to save live audio and video data.

Using the international mature technology, in accordance with the Oriental people to conduct careful debugging, the same sub-effect, less physical damage, the operation is more simple, the upgrade is expected ... ...